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Léah Kline: "JuzzFlirtin"

2007, Theatrics/Hi5 Records

Recorded at studio 150  Amsterdam

Léah Kline - vocals
Dirk Balthaus - piano
Cord Heineking - bass
Sebastiaan Kaptein - drums
Yuchi Córdoba - percussion

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1.   Get Away
2.   Hey You
3.   Orange Blossoms In Summertime
4.   More Than Matter
5.   The Wizard
6.   Obsession
7.   Call Of The Muse
8.   Minuano
9.   Butterfly
10. Dig It!
11. The Voice

CD Cover JF
All compositions by
Dirk Balthaus (music)
and Léah Kline (lyrics)
exept track 1 by v/d Knaap/Balthaus/Kline track 3 by C. Lundy/K. Elling
track 7 by v/d Knaap/Kline
track 8 by P. Metheny/K. Elling
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